Internationalism and globalised IT Guerilla

Or should I say IT Guerrilla, to be formal correct? As most of the international domains are already given out, I´ll stay with the German form of guerrilla and declare the international days of „it-guerilla“-ism have begun!
I have noticed (not only through my statistic logging and data mining), that the amount of non-german speaking reader adds up to 60%, so i will start to write more and more articles in English, but this does not mean that the German-centric part of this page is reduced or in any other way limited – i just have to write more 😉 (As i am a lousy blogger in the moment, who has fallen from one-post-per-day to one-post-per-week level, this should be really noooo problem).

So for my non-german readers, from all over the world (and from my office also ;), hey colleagues *wink*), welcome to a now officially international blog. i will not be so crazy to translate all my old blurps ad post into german, and there will be also some german posts, but if you see any interesting post, i will be happy to translate it (or give you at least a short summary).

The next step would be articles written in Arab and Spanish, but this may take a while, but on that way i will try to catch some hangeul to really get all the states of the axis-of-evil to my readership, bringing me closer to the step of being an almighty evil-overlord, raising his fist over the galaxy. But i have time, first the academic preparations have to be fulfilled.

5 thoughts on “Internationalism and globalised IT Guerilla

  1. Quite a coincidence, as I started to translate some of my articles to German yesterday (not published yet). I really can recommend the qTranslate plugin, it’s nicely integrated in WP and helps a lot with multilingual blogs.

    I think it’s a good step going towards English, this not only helps improving English skills – I really enjoy learning to write better in a language different than German – but, as you already mentioned, if some of our colleagues want to read our breathtaking stories, they can do so now more than ever 😉

    Anyway, Arab and Spain would be fun, but I guess I’m veeery far from that, being only able to speak a little bit of both.

    • *g* It´s all about the target group. I won´t stopp writing in german, i know there are enough readers who like this blog and read it just because it´s german. but after being in connection with so many people the last weeks, my personal interest group has risen to an international level 😉

      Arab and Spain where more joked than serious, but on the long run why stop with English 😉 Improving the skills may be an other reason, but i still think there a quite big differences between this blogging level and a conference paper or contract proposal.

      • While I agree that academic language and blogging language are certainly different, I don’t think so much of them being a different level, as more a different type. Being capable in academic writing does not necessaryly include being capable in another style of writing too in my opinion. Yet, both will help in general, but from different directions.

  2. Welcome to the World! As you can see here, many german readers will not comment on an english page, so I recommend encouraging them to answer back in german too if they feel like it. I tried the qTranslate once (screwed up some other plugin) and plugged it in in a blog I put up for someone else, but I really feel that we once-per-week-bloggers won’t really use it, as it costs enough time to type a blog posts 1x. Well and as I’m taking the time to comment about blog features: I removed my WP-Greetbox that I used for about 2 month as I really hate seeing it everytime I ran into it. If I want a feed, I can fetch it myself, if I’m using stumbleupon, I use a toolbar, and I bet the other services that people use when they come on ones page also have some easy way that the user knows about.

    • This is still a personal blog, no „i want to earn money on the easy way“ or self-promoting webpage, so the simple reason, beside the statistics, is the known level of non-german speaking people reading and following this blog. 😉 So the language will manly dependent on the content of the post, beside this i´ll not try to duplicate content, but smaller posts may be bilangual. we´ll see….

      i´ve made some good feedback with greetbox, it will stay for some more weeks. the rest is just simple configuration, i never see the greetbox, and everyone else mostly one time, depending on the browser/javastrict/security/adblock/etc-stuff of course. for translation or bi-langual content i´m not thinking of using such a plugin in the moment, but this may change, so qTranslate may be a nice idea.

      Achja, Ihr könnt natürlich in jeder Sprache schreiben wie Ihr wollt, die ich kenne versuche ich zu beantworten:::

      Respuestas en cualquier idioma se puede dar, trato de responder a todo. 😉

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