Internationalism and globalised IT Guerilla

Or should I say IT Guerrilla, to be formal correct? As most of the international domains are already given out, I´ll stay with the German form of guerrilla and declare the international days of „it-guerilla“-ism have begun!
I have noticed (not only through my statistic logging and data mining), that the amount of non-german speaking reader adds up to 60%, so i will start to write more and more articles in English, but this does not mean that the German-centric part of this page is reduced or in any other way limited – i just have to write more 😉 (As i am a lousy blogger in the moment, who has fallen from one-post-per-day to one-post-per-week level, this should be really noooo problem).

So for my non-german readers, from all over the world (and from my office also ;), hey colleagues *wink*), welcome to a now officially international blog. i will not be so crazy to translate all my old blurps ad post into german, and there will be also some german posts, but if you see any interesting post, i will be happy to translate it (or give you at least a short summary).

The next step would be articles written in Arab and Spanish, but this may take a while, but on that way i will try to catch some hangeul to really get all the states of the axis-of-evil to my readership, bringing me closer to the step of being an almighty evil-overlord, raising his fist over the galaxy. But i have time, first the academic preparations have to be fulfilled.